The firm name was changed in 2016 from Wilhelm Law to Northwind IP Law to incorporate the two elements that combine to make us unique.


First, “North.” We are headquartered in the northern part of Wisconsin — a region north of Madison and Milwaukee known as Northeastern Wisconsin or the New North. Our office is located in downtown Appleton, in the heart of the Fox Cities.


Second, “IP.” We focus on intellectual property (IP) law in all of its facets: patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets, and related legal matters such as defensive publications, licensing agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and more.


The brand logo was inspired by the journey taken by entrepreneurs and more specifically, inventors. The creative process is an exploration of ideas and possibilities. A sailboat was selected to help celebrate the unique qualities of an inventor’s personality–driven by discovery.


The star symbolizes the North Star. It represents our mission to help guide our clients on their creative voyages, and to protect what is discovered along the way.

Although “Wilhelm” is no longer part of our name, we will always be a continuation of the firm begun by Tom Wilhelm in a small office in Neenah in 1983.