You build value and quality in the name of your product or service. Our attorneys can help you acquire trademark or service mark protection that prevents your competitors from appropriating your good name. We are all familiar with brand names that areĀ trademarks, such as from the pop we drink to the clothes we wear, but there are many more examples. Our lawyers understand the broad scope of trademark law, and are experienced with trademark infringement cases and trademark licensing.


You acquire rights in a trademark in order to protect that which distinguishes you from your competition. Your trademark is a piece of intellectual property. Trademarks can range from your company name, logo, catchphrase, image, and more. Your trademark may actually be a combination of those brand components. Trademark infringement laws protect you against the unauthorized use of your trademark.


When confronted with a trademark cease and desist demand or a trademark lawsuit, you will have questions. Whether you are initiating the trademark lawsuit in order to protect your intellectual property, or you are on the receiving end of a trademark cease and desist order, or lawsuit, you will have questions. Contact one of our trademark lawyers to help you sort through your options and protect your intellectual property.


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