You build your business, which includes a secret formula, secret process, secret procedures, or secret method for doing something, and that offers a competitive advantage because of its mystery. Trade secret law protects your right to prevent your competitors from misappropriating your trade secrets. Our attorneys can counsel you against trade secret infringement. Trade secret protection does not happen automatically. You may need agreements and a policy for monitoring and implementing trade secret protection. The agreements often take the form of Non-Disclosure Agreements and special operating procedures, when dealing with your own employees as well as when dealing with third parties that receive your key information, in your business dealings with them.


A trade secret is a formula for success. The processes, information, preparations, and plans that are not known to the general public and that make your business unique and successful are your trade secrets. An attorney knowledgeable in trade secret law can help you protect your lead over the competition. Trade secret protection is important to many businesses, but is often overlooked until a trade secret infringement occurs. Protect your business and your trade secrets by talking with a knowledgeable lawyer.


Contact the attorneys at Northwind IP Law for help in protecting your confidential business information. Trade secret protection should be handled by professionals who understand the complexities of capturing trade secret protection for your business, as well as avoiding infringements. Protect your investments and competitive advantages by working with lawyers competent and experienced in this area of the law.


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