A patent is a legally protected property interest and not, as so often is said, a monopoly. If you own a patent, you can exclude others from exploitations on the patented property for twenty years. But there are strict requirements that must be met for a patent to be granted. The patent process is complex. In probably no other area of law is it more important to have an experienced professional attorney represent you. A valid patent gives the holder and the public something it has never had. A qualified patent attorney can help you protect that intellectual property.


U.S. Patents are issued by the US Patent Office, a federal administrative agency within the Department of Commerce. A client’s patent must be carefully processed in order to fully capture the legal scope the client expects. With patents, the devil is in the details – and careful, thorough legal work is requisite. An experienced patent attorney is crucial throughout the patent process. Contact a patent law firm early during the process of new product development to ensure your hard work is properly protected by the patenting process.


There are several types of U.S. patents that are available to inventions of certain subject matter. For example, patent protection has been rejected for subject matter such as music, writings, and photographs. With a skilled patent lawyer representing you, there may be other options for that subject matter such as copyrights, trademarks or trade secrets. Patent attorneys can help you discover the best course or action for protecting your intellectual property.


Patent infringement is a serious issue. The unauthorized use of your patented material, or someone else’s patented material, should be handled with expert legal action. As a patent law firm, Northwind IP Law has handled the intricacies of patent law and stands ready to help you when your intellectual property is the victim of patent infringement. A patent infringement attorney can help you defend your intellectual property from misuse.


International patent laws differ, in many respects, from those in the United States. Without proper legal guidance, you can lose your rights to your patent if you are doing business internationally and do not consult with an international patent attorney before you plan your marketing program. Other countries treat patents differently in some ways than the U.S. You cannot afford to make assumptions without proper international patent law legal advice.


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