Dear clients and other contacts,

Northwind has been able to remain operating relatively normally up until now in spite of the momentous events going on around us. But with the Wisconsin governor’s “Safer at Home” order of 3/24/2020, Northwind staff will now be working from home until further notice. We have taken the following steps to ensure your intellectual property needs will be met for at least the next few weeks, after which we hope to see some light at the end of this long, dark tunnel:

  • Critical deadlines – we have worked ahead of all critical deadlines. Even if the internet and phone infrastructure were to go down for a few weeks, no critical deadlines will be missed. The nearest critical deadline for any of our clients is in mid-May 2020.
  • Emails – all of us here will continue to have access to our emails and computer systems. If it takes us longer than usual (e.g. a day or two) to respond to your email, please be patient.
  • Business phone – our business phone number (920-831-0100) will remain active and will roll over to a separate, dedicated mobile phone that I will have. Use this number if you need to contact us with anything urgent.
  • Paper mail – continue to send us checks and other paper mail to our normal address (Northwind IP Law, 100 W. Lawrence St., Suite 320, Appleton, WI  54911). That mail will be forwarded to me as long as the US Postal Service remains operational.
  • No Faxes – DO NOT send any faxes to our fax number (920-831-0101), as we cannot retrieve them.

Please pass this message along to others in your organization who may be interested, if applicable.

We hope you are all able to withstand the current difficulties and look forward to a time when this is all behind us. Godspeed to you all.

Stephen C. Jensen, President
March 24, 2020