You create the work, as a fine piece of craftsmanship. Copyright attorneys register the copyright, protecting your right to prevent your competition from copying your work. In the United States, copyright law can protect the creator of a piece of original work for a significant and relatively long period of time. A copyright is a form of protection for your Intellectual Property against copyright infringement and theft. Our lawyers can discuss with you how to defend your original works.


The term “copyright” is simply defined as the right to prevent others from “copying”. When you protect your intellectual property with the help of a copyright attorney, you reserve to yourself the exclusive rights to replicate and circulate your work. In some copyright law cases, copyright holders have the sole right to display or perform certain materials as well. An “idea” without more, is not eligible for copyright protection. The “expression” of those ideas on the other hand, may be protected under copyright law. Though confusing, qualified lawyers knowledgeable in copyright can help you understand the intricacies of this area of the law, and the distinction between and “idea” and the “expression” of that idea.


With the changes introduced by the Internet, pirates are an ever-increasing threat to your hard- work in developing copyrightable works. Copyright law and intellectual property protection is important to many. As technology advances, the need to defend your ideas against copyright infringement is on the rise. That’s one reason why clients come to us at Northwind IP Law.


Copyright infringement is the unlawful use of work that is protected by copyright law. Copyright infringement violates the rights of the owner. If you believe you are the victim of a copyright violation, contact a copyright lawyer. If and when copyright infringement can be proven, legal action can result in monetary damages awarded to the copyright owner.


A copyright guards a number of rights in an original work of authorship, and it arises simply from the creation of the work. Examples include all kinds of written work from books to manuals – and other subject matter such as music and art. Many of the same reasons for inventorying and establishing protection procedures for copyright issues within your organization generally are found in the patent law protection area. But they are different enough that you must consult intellectual property lawyers to see what needs to be established to protect them.


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