Formerly Wilhelm Law, our new name Northwind IP Law honors the company’s location in northern Wisconsin, while contrasting with the more traditional law firm naming convention that uses the last names of founders and partners. We serve entrepreneurial and manufacturing businesses with heavy innovation that need to protect their inventions and other intellectual creativity.


The “IP” in Northwind IP Law stands for intellectual property, and we can help you with the full gamut: patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets, as well as related legal matters such as defensive publications, licensing agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and the like. With two patent attorneys on staff and more than 50 years of combined experience in patent law, we have the expertise, training, and bandwidth necessary to take on most any project your business presents. We believe in applying best practices, with the highest of standards, in everything we do.


We welcome clients from any geographical area (we have many outside Wisconsin and outside the United States), but we are particularly well poised to serve innovative Wisconsin businesses situated north of Madison and Milwaukee. That includes businesses in North-central and Northeastern Wisconsin, and in the region known as the New North, as well as of course the Fox Cities. If innovation is an important part of your business, and if you have a legal need or question relating to intellectual property, come to us at Northwind. We’ll give your legal matter personalized attention, in keeping with our firm’s emphasis on providing excellent client service.


We can secure your worldwide intellectual property needs with the help of our network of associates throughout the world. Our services extend into more than 70 countries.