NORTHWIND® legal services encompass patents, trademarks, copyrights, and other forms of intellectual property. We’re proud to be based in the heart of the Fox Cities in Appleton, Wisconsin, where we are well poised to help protect the innovation being created by the manufacturers and other thriving businesses of Northeast Wisconsin and beyond.

Our intellectual property needs are in great hands with Steve and his firm. Their excellent work and advice is practical, reliable, on-time and at or below budget.

Mark Y.
Appvion Operations, Inc.

I was very grateful to obtain my two patents locally. The staff was always accommodating and helpful. Though I never was able to license my product, they were always willing to step in and help with negotiations.

Paul W.
(Individual Inventor)

I’ve been working with Stephen the past few years on a couple of patents at the core of our business, dodles. I have really appreciated Stephen’s thoroughness in working through the complexities of our subject matter and delivering a well-thought-out patent. Stephen has alse remained very current with the approaching issues of our patents and ensuring we are paying close attention to next steps and deadlines, which is really helpful for a startup like ours, and he shows a lot of care for the success of the patent.

Craig D.
Dodles, Inc.

Tom Connelly is a very experienced patent Attorney.

Francis L.
Verp & Leddy LLC

Steve is an experienced patent attorney committed to quality services. Steve understands the importance of professional patent research in today’s patent process. Steve has the expertise needed to deal with legal issues related to patents and other intellectual property.

Ellen K.
Fresco Services LLC

I have personally not done any business with Northwind IP Law, however, I know Tom Connelly to be an ethical and very capable attorney.

Dave S.
Excalibur Edge Consulting